Things to Consider When Visiting Jackson Hole for a Conference


Maybe you don’t know much about Jackson Hole, but you’re scheduled to go here for a conference. You’re in luck as Jackson Hole is a wonderful destination found between the Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons and the red hills of the lower Gros Ventre Mountain Range. It’s a very popular destination in Wyoming and becomes…

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Things to Consider When Visiting New York City for a Conference


New York City is one of the most popular places for conventions, trade shows and other industry events. It’s frequented by these types of events and you may be planning to attend a conference in NYC soon. Whether it’s just now time to book one or you’ve already booked it, there are plenty of things…

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Things to Consider When Visiting Scottsdale for a Conference


With so many world-class meeting facilities and about 75 total resorts and hotels, Scottsdale, AZ has become one of the most popular places for conferences, trade shows, and conventions. Planning your trip to Scottsdale is important and you want to make sure you get the most out of it. The city is absolutely amazing and…

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Things to Consider When Visiting Hawaii for a Conference


When you’re scheduled to visit Hawaii for a conference, you certainly don’t want it to be all about work. Hawaii is a very beautiful place and there’s plenty to see and do. Whether you’ve already scheduled your visit or you’re considering booking the conference, here are a few things to consider when visiting Hawaii for…

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Things to Consider When Visiting London for a Conference


Many trade shows and conferences are held in London every single year. If you’re planning to travel to London for a conference (check out our medical conferences in London here and our radiology conferences in London here), there are several things you should be aware of before you make the trip. This can be a very…

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Things to Consider When Visiting Sydney for a Conference


Whether you’re only coming for a couple of days or you’re planning to attend a conference and stay a while, Sydney has plenty to offer. If you’re coming from the United States or from another country, you may want to plan a few extra days for some fun. Sydney provides an incredible conference destination and…

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Reasons Why Radiology is So Crucial to Medical Care


Radiology is all about imaging for medical purposes. It includes radiographers, radiologists, sonographers, biomedical engineers, nurses, medical physicists and other support staff. At CME Science, we think the radiology field is vital to medical care for many reasons. Ever since radiology became a normal thing, it has come with plenty of technical challenges. The X-ray…

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Reasons to Attend a Medical Conference in Person vs. Online


Medical conferences are often offered in person and online. There are pros and cons to both options, but there are several good reasons to attend a medical conference in person. Here’s a look at both types of conferences and why one way may be better for you than the other. Benefits of Attending in Person…

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How to Get the Most Out of a Medical Conference?


When you decide to attend a medical conference you will certainly want to get the most out of it. These conferences can be filled with very valuable information and can be a great chance for networking. There’s a difference between showing up for a conference and getting the most out of it. Getting the most…

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Tips for Picking a Medical Specialty

medical specialties

Medical students often struggle when it comes time to choose a medical specialty. It’s a huge decision and it will impact the rest of your life. What you specialize in now will likely be your career for decades. Here are some of the top tips to use when it comes time to pick a medical…

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