Scholarships for Radiology Students

radiology scholarships

Going through the necessary schooling to become a radiologist can be expensive. You’ll need an undergraduate degree and you’ll need to go through medical school. Since it will take many years, the student loans can add up in a hurry.

However, you don’t have to go so far into debt in order to become a radiologist. Instead, you can apply for scholarships specifically set up for radiology students and, potentially, get your entire education or a portion of it paid for.

Where to Find Radiology Scholarships

If you’re entering into your undergraduate studies, you don’t have to narrow your scholarship to those only for radiology students. Since your undergraduate degree will be in a more general field, you can apply for just about any scholarship offered, as long as you fit the requirements. Some of the top resources for undergraduate scholarships for radiology students include:

You can also check with organizations you or your parents are a part of, such as the UAW, Moose Lodge, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and others.

Radiology Scholarships for Medical School

Once you’ve completed your undergraduate degree, you will be entering into medical school. This means more student loans or more part-time jobs to pay for the tuition. However, there are some scholarships specific to those studying radiology. Some of the top sources for finding scholarships for radiology students include:

In addition to these resources, many universities will offer scholarships for students entering into their radiology program. You can also add a second discipline to your studies to score even more scholarship options, for example: a minor in Spanish. If you pair radiology with a physician’s assistant, dental hygienist or medical assistant program, you could gain access to more funds and a possible job during medical school.

Work/Study Programs

If you cannot find the right scholarship for your needs, it’s also possible to join a radiology tech work/study program. These programs will work around your school schedule and allow you to work part-time while training to become a radiologist. You may be able to pay for your education and avoid going into debt with one of the work/study programs available for radiology students.